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A Journal of the Faculty of Science Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Aims and Scope
Ife Journal of Science (IJS) aims to publish articles resulting from original research in the broad areas of chemical, biological, mathematical and physical sciences. This extends naturally into frontiers that include the applied areas of Biochemistry and Geology as well as Microbiology and such allied fields as Biotechnology, Genetics, Food Chemistry, Agriculture, Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Shorterlength manuscripts may be accepted as Research notes. Review articles on research topics and books are also welcome.

Editor-in-Chief (Biological Sciences): Dr. I.O. Adewale
Editor-in-Chief (Physical Sciences): Prof. A. O. Ogunfowokan

Associate Editors

Dr. A. O. Shittu - Microbiology
Prof. T. O. Obilade - Mathematics
Prof. G. A. O. Arawomo - Zoology
Prof. J. O. Ajayi - Geology
Prof. A. P. Akinola - Mathematics
Prof. H. C. Illoh - Botany
Prof. F. O. I. Asubiojo - Chemistry
Prof. H. B. Olaniyi - Physics
Prof. A. A. Okunade - Physics
Prof. O. O. Oyedapo - Biochemishy
Dr. A. I. Odiwe - Botany
Prof. S. B. Ojo - Geophysics
Prof. S. O. Asaolu - Zoology
Prof. J. I. Nwachukwu - Geology
Prof. O. O. Jegede - Physics
Dr. A. O. Ogunfowokan - Chemistry
Dr. B. O. Omafuvbe - Microbiology
Prof. G. A. Oshinkolu - CERD
Dr. F. K. Agboola - Biochemishy Dr. C. C. Adeyemi - Natural History Museum

International Advisory Committee

Prof. Dr. Thomas Foken, Bayreuth, Germany Prof. J. O. Nriagu, Michigan, USA.
Prof. Dr. Stefan Wohnlich, Germany. Prof. Kwabena Oduro, Legon, Ghana.
Prof. O. O. Kassim, Washington DC, USA. Prof. J. O. Olowolafe, Delaware, USA.
Dr. Walter Kpikpi, Tamale, Ghana. Prof. Adrian Raftery, Seattle, USA.
Prof. J. A. Lockwood, Laramie, USA. Prof. L. G. Ross, Stirling, UK.
Prof. Bjorn Malmgren, Goteborg, Sweden. Prof. Reuben H. Simoyi, Portland, USA.
Prof. Dr. Gunther Matheis, Berlin, Germany Prof. Tetsumaru Itaya, Japan

Two issues of the journal will be published yearly (June and December).

Submission of manuscripts:
All manuscripts should be submitted to either of the Editors-in-chief, Ife Journal of Science:

Prof. A. O. Ogunfowokan,
Editor-in-Chief, Physical Sciences
Phone No: +234(0)807 736 9856 


Dr. I.O. Adewale, 
Editor-in-Chief: Biological Sciences
Phone No: +234(0) 708 110 0074